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Vila de Cocentaina


From the Hotel Anna at the foot of the Parque Nautral de la Sierra de Mariola you can discover the most remote origins known in Cocentaina, are from 40,000 years ago, although the first prehistoric settlement of the entire region dates from the epoch of the final Neolithic. Other archaeological sites speak of the towns of the Iberian, bronze, Roman and Muslim eras. Towards the 11TH century, Cocentaina is the capital of an extensive Muslim region, covering the entire north of the current province of Alicante.

In the middle of the 13TH century, the Christians began the conquest of Cocentaina, concluding in 1258, with the arrival of the monarch Jaume I. The Aragonese Admiral Roger de Lluria, entered the Cocentaina in 1291, as the first feudal lord. In 1304, Muslims come from Granada, looted and burned the Vila, hence the inhabitants of Cocentaina are still known today with the nickname “Socarrats”.

After the conquest, the current Vila was built, leaving the Moorish quarter of El Raval, outside the walls.

The subsequent arrival in 1448 of Ximén Pérez de Corella, counselor of the King Alfons, as Count of Cocentaina, marks another period in the history, and introduces the Nobiliary lineage that gives name to this district, the Comtat.