Hotel Anna en Cocentaina Alicante

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Cocentaina Tourism

This plan of the villa will come in handy for sightseeing in Cocentaina. What to see in Cocentaina If you are going to spend the weekend of tourism in Cocentaina you can visit by day its historical buildings of great cultural interest. We recommend the route of museums and monuments[…]

Fin de año en Cocentaina

New Year Eve Hotel Anna, New Year Eve in Cocentaina

New Year’s Eve 2019 in Cocentaina Celebrating New Year’s Eve 2019 in Cocentaina Hotel Anna is a good choice. If you want to spend a different New Year’s Eve, in our Hotel Anna de Concentaina we offer you a cozy space to celebrate as a family or as a couple[…]

Vila de Cocentaina


From the Hotel Anna at the foot of the Parque Nautral de la Sierra de Mariola you can discover the most remote origins known in Cocentaina, are from 40,000 years ago, although the first prehistoric settlement of the entire region dates from the epoch of the final Neolithic. Other archaeological[…]